Manage my listings categories

In your marketplace, you will offer several types of products grouped by categories.

To allow your sellers to feed their catalog, it is necessary to define these "parent categories" and "subcategories" beforehand. The "categories" refer to a particular theme in which we will find "subcategories" which are product families. In the "Manage Categories" section of your dashboard, you can delete, add and categorize these categories in the order of your preferences. It will be necessary to proceed to the same step to create the "subcategories" but this time it is necessary to connect them to a "parent category". So you get a tree with the category and the different product families associated with it.

Manage listings categories Kreezalid marketplace


Edit listing category Kreezalid marketplace

Settings > Advanced Settings > Listings Categories

Add a category " and complete the requested information.

To these families of products, it will be necessary to predefine characteristics which give the description of the products. These "attributes" must be defined according to criteria relevant to the research.

edit listing attributes kreezalid marketplace


If you need to define colors for a product, you have the choice to: create a drop-down list; create checkboxes for colors you have previously specified. Depending on the type of description to be given, other options are available. 

To set your attributes, go to your dashboard in: 

Settings > Advanced  > Listings Attributes > Add Attribute


Parent category


Ad Attribute

Woman fashion




Size (SML XL)

Color (Red / Green ...)

Size (35/36/37 ...)

Personal Coach

Surf coach

Diving coach

Swimming Coach


Manage Categories and Attributes on a Service based marketplace