Create a Mangopay account

Mangopay is a payment solution for marketplaces and crowdfunding sites, allowing secure sequestration of funds transiting through your marketplace.

To create your Mangopay account, go here: Start on Mangopay

Mangopay allows in particular:

How to create a MANGOPAY account?

Before you start using this payment solution, you must submit certain documents to Mangopay.

To start processing payments with MANGOPAY, you must follow these steps:

What you should know before using MANGOPAY

  • To use Mangopay, your company must be registered in one of the countries of the European Economic Area
  • Only marketplaces, crowdfunding and collaborative economy platforms can use their API
  • MANGOPAY does not accept companies making bets, games and adult content. 
  • Their legal department reserves the right to refuse your activity
  • They activate production accounts from Monday to Friday noon

As a Mangopay partner, Kreezalid has negotiated preferential rates for their clients using this payment solution.

To take advantage of this discount (1.4% + 0.18cts instead of 1.8% + 0.18cts), simply create your Mangopay account from this link:

Create my Mangopay account with Kreezalid

warning   If you create your account by another gateway, the discount may not apply.

Once your Mangopay account is created, you can learn more about how to connect your payment solution to Kreezalid with this article.