Connect your Stripe Connect account to Kreezalid

The first step is to create and activate your Stripe account. 

If you have not yet created your Stripe account, find the procedure here: Create a Stripe account

Step 1 : Get your Stripe account API Keys

To connect your Stripe Connect account to your Kreezalid marketplace, then go to your Stripe dashboard :

Developers → API Keys

To reveal the secret key click on the button "Reveal live key token".

Stripe connect marketplace

Be careful, your login must start with: pk_live and sk_live

If the information starts with pk_test and sk_test, then remember to disable the test mode :

You can simulate a transaction by using a Stripe Connect account in "test mode". You can learn more about this option here: How to run test transactions with Stripe

Step 2 : Add your API Keys to your marketplace

  • Go to your Kreezalid admin panel
Settings → Payment Providers → Add a service payment provider
  • Select Stripe Connect as your payment provider

  • On this page, paste your Stripe API key and API secret :


About the API version

About Stripe Onboarding