Manage reviews

On your marketplace, you can give your users, buyers, and sellers the possibility to leave a review on their order after a transaction.

How to activate Advanced reviews on your marketplace


1. It is necessary, to allow your users to submit a notice, to install and activate the Advanced Reviews app on your marketplace:

This application is available in your dashboard, from the tab  App store 

2. After activating the app, choose which type of users can leave a notice after an order.

This application gives you three review options:

The Advanced Reviews notation module works according to the following rules:

How to leave a review?

Sending a review request is done manually from your Transaction View dashboard. An action button allows you to send a notation request email to the buyer and seller.

From your dashboard, in Transactions :

1. Select your order
2. Go to the Review section
3. Click the button allowing you to send a notation request email either to the buyer, the seller or both depending on the settings of your Advanced Reviews app.
4. Once the request emails are sent, they appear in the section allowing you to view the history of the automatic emails related to the order:


5. On these emails is available a button that allows the user to access a form allowing him to leave a notice:



6. Once the review is left by the user, it appears on the profile (and the ads, if the user being evaluated is a seller) of the user being evaluated:


Edit or delete a review

2. From your dashboard in Reviews, you can view all notices and requests for assessment still in progress:


2. Click on a review, to view it


3. For every review, it is possible to :



Warning,  a user cannot modify a received review or a review that he left on another user. For any request to delete or modify a notice left on the user’s profile, the user must send a request to the marketplace administrator who will make the modification or deletion from his administrator dashboard.


Edit Evaluation Request Emails

You can edit the Evaluation Request and Recall emails in Settings / Notifications / Reviews :


1. Select an e-mail

2. Edit the subject and the body of the email

3. Save