Manage images

The theme provided by default on Kreezalid, allows you to download and display a certain number of images on your marketplace.

In the back office, these images can be stored in various different places on your dashboard:

  • Your file library: Settings > Files
  • The theme editor: Theme > Customize
  • Categories page: Settings > Listings > Categories
  • Listing creation page: Settings> Listings
  • Pages

In front, users can download images from:

  • Their listings
  • Their profile (avatar and cover image if the Advanced store app is activated)
  • Internal messaging (if the Inbox app is activated)

Recommended formats/sizes for your images

  • Banner image of the home page: 1920px X 600px (1920px x 1200px if you want to display the banner in full screen)
  • Image banners of pages (category pages, content pages, blog banners, etc.): 1920px X 600px
  • Listing images: minimum 300px width. Ideally 300px X 300px (png, jpg, gif)