Finally, one of the most powerful things about this app is it can change content on your website for members. 

Offer Subscription option on your marketplace and decide the options accessible to members. You can show, or hide elements to your customers based on what membership they have.

Sell one-time memberships that:

  • Show or hide certain pages or call to action as "Listing creation"
  • Show or hide product prices
  • Show or hide the add to cart button

This app is designed to allow you to run an annual membership on your Kreezalid marketplace and charge a membership fee for it. You can collect your membership fees with Paypal.



How it works?

1/ Install and activate the app from your admin panel

2/ Start editing subscription plans in the settings options of the app

A button at the top right makes it possible to modify the "Subscription Plans", or even to add some.

3/ By default, Paypal is activated. Payments will be sent to the default admin email, but it is possible to fill in another email.

If you want to activate the payment by check or by bank transfer, it is important to indicate in the different information (address where to send the check? bank account number for the transfer ...) in

Membership > Settings > Payment
You will have to manually activate the subscription of the user when the payment by check or by transfer is received. In case of payment by Paypal, the subscription is automatically activated.

Offer annual memberships with different levels of access to your marketplace.

Price : $12.00 / Month

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