Sharing is a state of mind

Kreezalid is born from the expertise of our team in online marketplaces and sharing economy.

Ever since we’ve started helping professionals develop their online marketplace back in 2012, our team has been focused on creating long-term successes built around a win-win relationship with our clients. Originally specialized in custom marketplaces development, we offered hand-crafted coding for unique shopping experiences.

Building an online marketplace is long and expensive right?

Because we have 7 years of experience building marketplaces, we know what makes a successful marketplace. We've been teached priceless lessons and a deep understanding of our clients’ pain points. It isn’t just about having the best code, it’s about moving fast and lasting.

The problem is that wherever you are in the world, building an online marketplace always requires the same things: a 6-month development period and a $20k investment.

Started from the bottom now we’re here...

Yet, discussing with so many entrepreneurs over the years, we realized that many of them had great ideas for a marketplace that could solve big problems. But, there was one thing that kept them stuck: they didn’t know how to code.

That’s is why in 2017, we’ve started fresh and came up with Kreezalid. We offer a cutting-edge SaaS platform that makes it fast and easy for anyone to create and customize an online marketplace without writing a single line of code.

Today, we’re serving several happy marketplace owners that have been able to make their ideas a reality, hassle-free. If you’re ready to start your journey, come enjoy a demo of our marketplace builder here.

About our solution

You want to develop an Etsy, Drivy, Vinted or an Airbnb-like platform? With Kreezalid, you can quickly bring your idea to life and test the viability of your concept.

Modular, customizable and not requiring technical knowledge, Kreezalid gathers all the essential elements of a ready-to-sell marketplace.

Listings, search, online payment, transaction tracking, dashboard ... you will find all the features you need to drive your business.

Benefits of Kreezalid

  • Reduced production time
  • Reduced cost of development
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Elegant and responsive design
  • Modular