Kreezalid is the perfect e-commerce solution to launch your marketplace
whether it is for sharing, products selling or rentals.

Staff dashboard

Stay in control

With Kreezalid, you get a unified dashboard to manage your marketplace with ease.

Simply track, control and moderate transactions on your platform. Monitor your growth with integrated tracking statistics and quick access to Google Analytics for ongoing visibility on your audience.

Pilot your business

  • Customize your content (CMS - Content Management System)
  • Feed an FAQ list to help your users
  • Add features and options to the products/services available on your marketplace
  • Manage all your members and an unlimited number of listings
  • Follow all orders or booking requests
  • Manage complaints easily
  • Track growth trends
  • And more.

Managing your community

Account management

The account management feature manages the authentication and management of members' accounts (offerers or buyers).

Preserve Trust

Track and moderate your community easily from your admin dashboard. You have an easy and fast visibility on all your customers.

Customer's profile

Learn more about your customers and their buying habits. Check out their contact information and order history at a glance.

A showcase for each seller

From its dashboard, a user can track and manage all his information and transactions. Each member can make his profile a real showcase for his offers.

Listings management

Listing Repository

The listing builder allows your offerers to submit their ads in a single step.

Selling or renting becomes a breeze with a simple creative form allowing you to add all product information including prices, location, multiple photos and various features. From your dashboard, customize all options on this form.

Listing moderation

You keep control of the listings published on your marketplace through pre- or post-publication moderation.

You always have a good visibility on the quality of your listings while following the growth of your catalog.


A secure payment

Each marketplace created with Kreezalid includes an SSL certificate. All information about pages, content, credit cards and transactions is protected by the same level of security used by banks.

Specialized Payment Solution

Kreezalid natively uses Mangopay, a third-party service offering a payment solution for marketplaces and managing payment flow and escrow.

Escrow and commission

Once the transaction is complete, you can free up the funds and dispatch them among the sellers while automatically collecting your commission. Kreezalid provides different commissioning model (fixed, variable or hybrid)

The shopping basket - multi-purpose

With Kreezalid you can offer multiple purchases on your marketplace: your buyers can buy simultaneously from several sellers and choose for each order the delivery method they want.

Order validation

Transactions are carried out in 2 steps :

  • The buyer uses his payment card number
  • The seller is informed of this new order and can accept or reject it.

The money transfer is made only when the seller accepts the order.


"You have a new message"

With the inbox app, users can contact each other and exchange via an internal messaging service. Messaging also helps your users keep track of orders they are making or receiving.

Transactional e-mails

Automatic e-mails

Kreezalid provides sending of transactional e-mails ensuring good communication between users throughout their transaction (confirmation of order, acceptance of an order, review, ...).

Notification emails are provided for each stage and for each category of user (offerer, purchaser or administrator of the platform).


Listing availability

Do you have a service or rental marketplace? Your sellers can fill in a calendar to indicate their preferential slots.


Parcels in the right place at the right time

You have a products selling marketplace? the shipping feature provides several delivery methods.

Flexible shipping costs

Manage shipping costs with fixed prices or variable prices based on weight and location. You can specify different price ranges per additional item added to the cart from the same seller's shop.

Parcels Tracking

The seller can easily indicate the tracking number of each package. This way, the buyer can have a real-time tracking of his order.

Cancellation and refund

You can change your mind

Cancellation feature allows a request for refund from the buyer according to configurable conditions.

User rating and e-reputation

Build a community of trust

The "Reviews" app is a rating module that allows your users to leave a note and write a review after each transaction.

The scoring system helps you to identify the lowest performers and keep confidence in your community. By valuing the sellers with positive reviews you guarantee the satisfaction of the buyers.


A complete platform for blogging

Publish and rate posts easily and manage post categories. Enhance the visibility of your online marketplace by creating quality content.

Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Help your potential users find your marketplace using search engines. Kreezalid offers H1 tags, title tags and customizable meta tags in your back office, in accordance with SEO best practices.

Share it!

Your marketplace is linked to the most popular social networks, allowing your users to easily share a listing or one of your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest...

Sitemap generation

Your XML sitemap is automatically generated with listings, content pages, and blog posts.

Mobile friendly

Your marketplace is accessible everywhere thanks to a responsive design suitable for mobile browsing.

Your users can browse your marketplace and make transactions from a mobile phone or a tablet.

Ready for international use

Kreezalid is available in several languages, including English and French. Can not find your language? Our team is working on the regular addition of new translations.

Listings translation

Providers can submit a version of their listings for each available language.


A question, a doubt? Contact the Kreezalid support team by e-mail, chat or phone 24/7. Contact our support team.

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