Launch the Airbnb of kitten rental, with Kreezalid you can

Selling Products, Rentals or Services? For Merchants or Peer to Peer?

Whether you want to sell new jewelry from multiple vendors or just used parts for motorcycle enthusiasts, our solution fits all types of new and used community marketplaces with easily adaptable plug-ins.

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With Kreezalid you really can build and customize your marketplace without a single line of code. Don't spend months chasing quotes to find the perfect developer.

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30 sec
to create your marketplace.

3 hours
to set it up.

The next hour you're ready
to receive your first transaction.


With the theme store, you can customize your marketplace to match your brand. Make any theme your own: stand out with a custom logo, colors, image and other features. Express yourself. No design skills needed.

Kreezalid connects buyers and sellers in an open community environment with trust and transparency.

Kreezalid natively comes with all the essential features of a "ready-to-sell" online marketplace.

 Secure Escrow

 Public and Private Chat

 Seller Reviews

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Perfect for beginners and experts alike,
Kreezalid manages all aspects of sales on an online marketplace


Kreezalid integrates Mangopay and Stripe Connect, two payment services enabling seamless escrow with payment distribution.

Theme store

Kreezalid Theme Store includes free and premium professionally designed website templates that you can use for your own online marketplace.

App store

With the App Store get free and paid plugins to grow your business, improve your marketing, sales, and social media strategy.


Manage orders and users, while tracking sales and growth trends in your marketplace.

Customer support

With the after-sales service plugin, communicate with buyers and suppliers to solve any dispute.


Highlight your best suppliers and keep trust within your community, with rating after all transactions.


Manages delivery options on product selling marketplace: shipping costs, delivery times and delivery services.


A CMS allows you to edit and publish all your contents. Make it "SEO-ready" with easy content meta tag management.


Manage edition and promotion of marketing content. Engage your suppliers and buyers on a daily basis.

Popular web services

All Kreezalid marketplaces are connected to popular web services and social media
such as Zendesk, Mailchimp, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter...

  • zendesk chat marketplace
  • google analytics marketplace
  • mailchimp marketplace
  • slack marketplace