Launch the Airbnb of kitten rental

Selling Products, Rentals or Services? For Merchants or Peer to Peer?

Whether you want to sell new jewelry from multiple vendors or just used parts for motorcycle enthusiasts, our solution fits all types of new and used community marketplaces.

The inbuilt easy page builder allows you to create a product or service marketplace, physical or digital goods, in minutes.

No code

With Kreezalid you really can build and customize your marketplace without a single line of code.

Quick setup

Don't spend months chasing quotes to find the perfect developer.


Customize your marketplace to match your brand. Stand out with a custom logo, colors, image...

Kreezalid connects buyers and sellers in an open community environment with trust and transparency.

Make your community thrive with all the integrated marketplace features.

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There is no risk and no credit card is required.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike,
Kreezalid offers a professional online marketplace with nice design, several payment solutions, and additional features on demand.


Use our free, mobile-friendly and professionally designed marketplace template or integrate your own.

App store

Grow your business, improve your marketing, sales, and social media strategy with this additionnal plugins library.

Secure Escrow

Kreezalid is a verified partner of Mangopay and Stripe Connect and enable seamless escrow with payment distribution.


Manage orders and users, while tracking sales and growth trends in your marketplace.

Listing Repository

Manage all offers published on your marketplace and decide what can be sold or rented and by who.


Highlight your best suppliers and keep trust within your community with verified ratings.


Manages delivery options on product selling marketplace: shipping costs, delivery times and delivery services.


When running a service or rental marketplace, make it easy for your sellers to manage their availabilities.


Enjoy CMS & blog features to edit your own content. Make it SEO-ready with easy content meta tag management.

What our customers say

Charlotte S.
Consultant at AIBENE

I've been using Kreezalid for my service marketplace for a year now and I am delighted! Not only this platform offers many features, but it is also and especially interesting for its simplicity ...

Christel A.
CEO at Madoora

Kreezalid is an innovative, high-performance solution ... I therefore warmly recommend this software to anyone looking for a solution that combines simplicity and completeness.

Delphine F.
CEO at Lovently

Best choice when I decided to take the step. Kreezalid is a solution that I recommended to all my fellow entrepreneurs. A special thanks to their support team for helping me out all along the way!