Google map

What is the Google Map App?

This app allows you to :

  • Use your own google map API Key
  • Display a google map on your listing pages
  • Select a default location when seller create or edit a listing
  • Choose which countries or locations are available on your marketplace (in the search engine and when creating a new listing)

How to use the app?

1/ Get your Google Map API Key by following these instructions: Get API Key

2/ Once your API key is created, copy it.

3/ Install and activate the app in your Kreezalid admin panel

4/ Paste your Google map API Key in the settings information field :

5/ Choose the default location, the map should be focused on when creating a new listing. A location is defined by a unique latitude and longitude. To know the latitude and longitude of a city, a region or a country you can use this tool.

Examples :

Coordinates for Paris:

  • Lat : 48.864716
  • Lng : 2.349014

Coordinates for New York:

  • Lat : 43.2994285
  • Lng : -74.2179326

Coordinates for London: 

  • Lat : 51.5073509
  • Lng : -0.1277583

6/ Choose what type of location should be suggested when a vendor starts indicate his listing's location :

Must have app! Allow location search on your marketplace and display a google map on your listings.

Price : Free / Month

Get the app