Add-on - Listing bundles

What is the Add-ons app?

It makes it easy for your vendors to offer more features on their products or services.
With this app, your vendors can add an additional service, with an additional cost on a product or a service.

How to install your Add-ons app?

As to install all our apps, in your dashboard, go to Settings -> App store. Here you have to click on install.

Now your Add-ons app is already functional, and your vendors can see a new field when they create or update a listing.


How to manage your Add-ons app?

In your App store, click on settings.


Here you can define where you want that your add-on is positioned on the screen.
You can define your title, for your vendors and your customers.
You can also set a description field, for your vendors, to describe why customers should pay this additional cost.

If you choose yes, vendors will have a new field, when they create or update a listing.

You have also, in your settings, a field description, where you can describe what’s add-ons and display indications for your vendors.

Your description is also visible when a vendor updates or creates a new listing. As you saw it.

You can also define a title name, a label for the price field, and a label for the description field.

The last field is about to apply the quantity to add-ons.
You can choose between:

  • Only quantity: the price will be added depending on the quantity only.
  • Only booking period: the price will be added depending on the booking period. (7 days -> 7 additions)
  • Booking period and quantity: the price will be added depending booking period and quantity. (3 products for 2 days, 6 additions)
  • No quantity: the price will be added only one time whatever booking period or quantity.


Allow vendors to add free or paid options on their listings

Price : $9.99 / Month

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