Advanced Store

What is the Advanced Store app?

The Advanced Store App, allow you to improve the attractiveness of your vendors' stores.

With this app, your sellers can :

  • Update a cover image for his store and brand his profile to grow his sales
  • Add a little bio or description about his business, displayed on his store

advanced store kreezalid

advanced store marketplace

Offer to your sellers right now, the possibility to customize their store, build a real brand on your online marketplace, and take the chance to convince more buyers.

How to set up the app

Once the app is installed, you must add an access link to this feature on your theme.

This will allow sellers (or all users) to access this cover photo upload option from their dashboard.

1. Access your theme editor

Go to your admin panel in Theme / Theme editor / account/dashboard.liquid

2. Copy and paste the code snippet

In the section of your choice, copy and paste the following code snippet. Choose the script that fits best your needs: 

  • Only vendors can access the Advanced Store feature :

{% if account.can_post_listing %}
<p><a href="/apps/stores/edit">Edit Cover Image</a></p>
{% endif %}

  • All users can access the Advanced Store feature :

<p><a href="/apps/stores/edit">Edit Cover Image</a></p>

Example : 




Enhance your vendors' stores with cover image and description

Price : Free / Month

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