Live Chat Intercom

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a marketing solution offering conversational support and conversational Marketing through chat solutions, bots, and support apps. 

How Intercom Live Chat works with Kreezalid?

To help you offer conversational support to your customers on your online marketplace, the Live Chat Intercom App allows you to connect an Intercom chatbot with your Kreezalid platform. Here're at least three reasons why you should use this app on your online marketplace :

  • Keep in touch with your customers on a daily-basis
  • Embed and customize the Intercom chat widget on your website
  • Solve customer service tickets faster

How to use the Intercom Live Chat with Kreezalid?

  • Go to your Kreezalid admin panel and hit the tab "App Store"
  • Select and install the Live Chat Intercom App
  • Activate the app
  • Enter your App ID provided by Intercom when creating your Intercom account

Prior to the installation of the app on your Kreezalid marketplace, you must create an Intercom account.

Activate an Intercom Chat on your marketplace to communication with users in real-time.

Price : Free / Month

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