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What is the Landing Page App?

Landing page app is a clean and modern landing page plugin allowing you to create specific pages with the listings of your choice. 

Why you should try it now

You can create a clean and beautifully designed HTML landing page template that is an ideal fit for showcasing special offers.

This app is well organized and very easy to customize. It has everything you need to launch your SEO friendly landings in the next few hours.

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The Landing Pages App allows you to set up an editorial strategy on your Marketplace by giving you advanced content management features.

It's hard to build a natural SEO strategy on a marketplace, especially when the listings your users create are perishable (with lifetimes ranging from a few days to a few months). Users creating the same content on your platform, you are not immune to a bad surprise as a seller who deletes his account and all his listings, or duplicate content ... It is important to use this "temporary" content to highlight more durable content, the one you create with your landing pages.

With our App, you will be able to create content pages enriched, optimized for SEO, and master the text content or listings that you will put forward. For the most expert profiles, you can set up advanced techniques such as the "Semantic Cocoon".

You will be able to create this kind of pages:

  • Latest products offered for sale in a specific category,
  • Focus on a certain number of listings (exceptional promotion, exclusive highlighting ...),
  • Editorialized files on themes that will interest your users,
  • etc.

Get back on the journey of your users by creating pages of qualitative research results.

Take the time to understand what is most popular in your marketplace, and create the corresponding results pages, oriented transformation, and added value. By using a search strategy by Landing Pages, you make sure your users find structured results, and that perfectly meet their demand.

How it works?

1/ Install and activate the app

2/ Create your first page in your admin panel by clicking on "Pages" and then "Add a new page"

3/ You can edit your own content and dynamically insert listings into the body of your page. For that, you just have to write this shortcode:

{% widget type="listings" id="4365,7645" %}

The only information you have to change is the IDs of the listings you want to display on the page. In the case above, we want to display 2 listings: listing 28 and listing 13 (in that order).

To find the IDs of ads, just go to your admin panel, in the "Listings" section. 

It is also possible to inherit pages to create a tree through pages "Parent Page". Visually, this will add the parent page to the breadcrumb.

4/ The next step is now to allow you to search not on the listings, but on the landing pages you have created. At this level, do not hesitate to indicate keywords in "Meta keywords" so that we can search inside.

When you edit a page, you will see two new options:

  • Include in search? Allows you to hide a page from the search engine, such as legal notices or TOS ...
  • Display before search? Allows proposing the page as soon as the user clicks on the search field, even before having made any research

The user is encouraged to choose a result page from those proposed. If the user does not choose a page, he is redirected to the "No result" page which you can configure in the App Landing Page settings.

Create specific pages with listing of your choice

Price : $19.00 / Month

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