Integration of the Mondial Relay module to manage your shippings. This plugin includes:
  • Connection to the Mondial Relay API and the prepaid account of the customer's Mondial Realy account
  • Selection of a relay point where to pick up their package for the buyer, after the checkout phase
  • Automatic generation of a shipping label sent by email to the seller after acceptance of the order

The installation of this module requires the creation of a company account with Mondial Relay

This plugin is available for the following countries

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • The Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany

Installation costs : 990€ (Taxes excluded)

This module includes the integration of a quote request form that can be activated by product or service. This plugin includes:
  • Choice of activation of the form by the seller and by ad on the ad creation form
  • Sending an email notification to the seller with a summary of the request
  • Sending an email confirmation to the buyer
  • Sending a notification to the marketplace administrator

Installation costs: 790€ (Taxes excluded)

This module allow buyers to follow a seller's shop, or particular category of products. With this plugin you can send automatic emails alerst to cutomers whenever a seller list a new product or service or whenever a new listings is added to a given category.

The content of the email notification can be customized from your admin panel.

Installation costs : 790€ (Taxes excluded)

This module gives users the possibility to buy on the marketplace a gift card for the amount of their choice, intended for the beneficiary of their choice.

This electronic gift card can then be used in whole or in part for the purchase of a product or service on the marketplace.

Installation costs : 990€ (Taxes excluded)

This plugin managed via Algolia allows the creation of a dedicated directory listing all the sellers of the marketplace with a search module by keyword.

If vendore attributes are activated, this module gives you the possibility to activate search filters.

The installation of this plugin requires the creation of an Algolia account

Installation costs : 499€ (Taxes excluded)

This plugin allows you to display on a map on your website's homepage the vendors/shops listed on the marketplace. Vendor are classified by location and category of sellers.

Installation costs : 390€ (Taxes excluded)

With this plugin you can add variants to a product that comes in more than one option, such as size or color.

Each variant can have its own price, meaning each variation is available on a single product page.

You can display a list of variants for a product or service on its product details page.

NB: You cannot manage inventory for each variant.

Installation costs : 590€ (Taxes excluded)

Some customers don't want to pay for their orders using a credit card, especially on B2B marketplaces. This plugin allow your customers to place their order using bank transfers as a payment method.

This module being an extension of our connection with Mangopay, it requires the creation of a Mangopay account.

Installation costs : 1090€ (Taxes excluded)

With our standard license, "Payouts" (payment to sellers) must be managed manually from your Kreezalid administrator dashboard.

The automatic payouts plugin allow you to avoid manual payments by triggering automatic payments according to the schedule of your choice

  • Email allowing the buyer to confirm the good reception and/or the conformity of their order
  • Automatic triggering of payment if order conforms
  • Automatic triggering of payment if the buyer does not respond
  • Blocking of payment on the escrow account in the event of a dispute
  • Possibility to choose the waiting period before the activation of the payment according to the 3 cases described above

This plugin requires the creation of a Mangopay account.

Installation costs : 790€ (Taxes excluded)

This plugin is an addition to your Mangopay account allowing the marketplace to collect your sellers' KYC Know Your Customer) information online. This plugin includes :
  • Downloading and collection of user identity information and identity documents
  • Automatic sending of identity information and documents to the Mangopay control service

This plugin requires the creation of a Mangopay account.

Installation costs : 990€ (Taxes excluded)

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