7 best tools to create your own logo online

Article by Charlène Guicheron - 22 Jan 2018 - 4 minute read

Discover 7 great tools that will help you to easily design a professional logo for your marketplace project.

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So, you are going to launch your business!

Wait! Does your business have a brand identity that is more than just a logo? Do you know your logo is the most simplified and efficient way for your company to communicate with customers? Certainly, this is an absolute truth. All the great companies begin their business identity design with the logo. And remember, customers get the first impression looking at the logo because: a logo can attract as well as a logo can repulse; yes, a logo does have power!

The importance of a clean logo

There are a number of qualities that all effective logos have, and among those qualities being clean is the most important. You have to remember that your logo should be a good and clean one. A clean logo can create an identity for your business and also attract customers to visualize your product. A good and clean logo will always be remembered first whenever a customer is going to take a choice of using your product. In fact, people appreciate clean, simple, and basic logos.

There are some of the best logos that demonstrate this principle well, and a great example is Apple's brand: the logo is clean, elegant, and easily implemented. You will see at a certain point in time the company began to use the apple logo monochromatically (as opposed to the rainbow stripes), signaling a new era for Apple. The smart branding allowed the company to clearly communicate a change in direction while continuing to build its reputation. Consider how you've seen the brand in advertising, trade shows, packaging, and product design. It is distinctive and it all adds up to a certain promise: quality of design and ease of use.

So, having a clean logo allows your brand for easy recognition. Actually, making too much dazzling can make your logo difficult to see or convey the wrong message.
In simpler terms, a clean logo can be defined as the face or brand of a business. Because a clean logo carries so much significance, the task of designing one becomes that much more important.

Your logo: an essential element for your brand

You have already understood that the choice of your logo is of great importance because it is above all the public reflection of your brand. Your logo is the hub of your brand identity. It’s the visual cornerstone of the brand. Keep in mind, your logo carries in it:

  • The image of your brand
  • Your values
  • Your vision

So you need to have a logo that shows who you are and that matches the values and atmosphere of your online marketplace business.

As you create brand awareness with logo-accompanied experiences, consumers will begin to make valuable associations between your logo and your brand. A logo that is complicated in design can make it difficult for people to create those associations.

The qualities of a good logo: simple, easily remembered, timeless

Yes, your logo will be not only your representative on the web, but also offline in the physical world. So there are some key elements to respect when you design and create your logo online:

  • Be simple: Do you want your logo to be easily recognized? So make it easy and avoid illegible fonts, lines or too complex details. Then customers must recognize you at a glance.
  • Be memorable: While remaining simple, try to be original and / or unique. Your logo must be memorable and impactful. If you are inspired, let your logo tell your story, your contribution of value.
  • Be timeless: Your logo should last in time. Design a logo that will not lose its value over time. For example, avoid all symbols or icons that could make it perishable.
  • Manage your colors: It's essential to start by thinking about colors that reflect the values of your business and inspire your customers. On this point, a good designer would recommend you to use only two colors.
  • Check the dimensions: Your logo is versatile and adapt to all sizes of screens and supports. So make it simple enough to be recognized at small sizes.

Do you lack inspiration or want to know the color codes of the most popular brands in the world? Here are some resources that might be useful:

And for good reason, right from the start, you need to know how to create a logo that allows you to enhance the image of your brand and to be recognizable to your customers. However, though all business entrepreneurs may be aware that they need a logo, most often do not know where to start to create it. In this situation, the first idea that will naturally come to your mind may be to hire a designer to create a logo online. But do you really want to spend your entire budget on creating a logo?

Fortunately, digging a little, we realize that solutions exist. In this article, you will find a list of 7 great tools that will help you to easily design a professional logo. Okay now discover these 7 great tools to create your logo online.

1. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is a popular online tool to create a logo. It is a free online tool to create a logo and offers design in multiple universes and with a wide range of fonts and icons. The solution is super simple and allows a number of combinations and customizations of rare quality for business owners, startups, online marketplaces and a logo creator as well.
GraphicSrpings allows you to design your logo according to your type of activity. When your logo is finalized, it will cost you only $ 19.99 to download it and start using it on all your media. If you lack inspiration or need help, GraphicSprings also offers a premium service. In fact, if the online solution does not meet your needs, you can always call on a GraphicSprings team designer to help you create a personalized logo.

Start creating your own logo on GraphicSprings for free.

2. Canva

Canva's online tool to create a logo is great because you can create a quality logo online in minutes. As the Canva team describes it, their solution is "incredibly easy to use". The tool is free and also offers a library of free visuals that you can use and modify freely. If you want to go further, you can also tap into Canva's premium image or logo resources for just a few dollars.
Canva gives you the possibility to download your own images and elements free of charge. Thanks to the intuitive interface and the drag-and-drop tool.

So start to create your logo online for free with Canva

3. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands (literally "custom made brands") is a smart online tool to create a logo in a few minutes. You can create a professional and modern logo adapted to your vision. Indeed, to avoid spending hours finding the right combination for your logo, Tailor Brands offers you at the beginning of the journey to answer some questions about your marketplace business.
Tailor Brands also offer you the most appropriate and most relevant combinations of icons / fonts / colors for your brand. You just have to make your choice among the proposed selection: simple, efficient, modern and professional.

Then start to create your logo on Tailor Brands

4. Logo Genie

Logo Genie is an online tool to create a logo that will allow you to do more than just to create your logo. Like most of the other solutions, it has also been selected in the article. Logo Genie allows you to create your logo according to your field of activity or according to the desired logo shape (with or without icon, with initials, with or without slogan, etc.), then customize your font, colors and position of each item.
The special feature of Logo Genie is that at the end of the course, the generator allows you to preview your logo on printed products. So you have the opportunity in addition to creating your logo to opt for a business card printing service, letterhead, t-shirts, derivative products of any kind. This is enough to start spreading your logo off the web and to brand the spirit of your potential customers.

Start to create your logo on Logo Genie

5. Logaster

The designs proposed by Logaster are a little more old school or abstract than what can be found in the other logo generators mentioned in this article. However, this tool has the advantage of offering a large number of designs and combinations (icons / writing fonts).
If you are more indecisive and want to have several proposals before making your choice, Logaster is a solution for you. The customization options are the same as elsewhere: name, slogan, colors, icons depending on the area of activity, etc.

Start to create your logo on Logaster

6. Logoshi

Want more simplicity for the logo for your online marketplace business? Logoshi, a tool to create your logo online, should meet your expectations. By far, the easiest solution to take in hand, this online tool to create your logo allows you to generate in a few seconds a simple but effective logo. Indeed, on Logoshi, there is no flourish. We focus primarily on the name and the slogan and we work on the basis of the logotype: the font and the colors.
Logoshi bet: allows you to design a professional logo even if you have no skill or artistic sensitivity. You focus on two essential points: simplicity and clarity. And this is already a good start.

Start to create your logo on Logoshi

6.bis. Place it

No two companies are the same, that’s why Placeit created custom logo templates for many business niches. With Placeit you can create a restaurant logo, a bar logo, travel logo, automotive logo, and many many others we have available for you like in the service area, a photography logo. Feel free to try several out and find the one that best suits your brand. 

Start to create your logo with Placeit

7. Marketplaces specializing in design

If you still want to have your logo made by a design expert while controlling your budget, there are solutions. Indeed, online marketplaces offering design services or ready-made logos are not lacking and have the advantage of giving you a choice, but at more competitive rates than going live by a professional.

The following are the recommended sites for you:

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