5 websites to procrastinate like a pro

Article by Charlène Guicheron - 24 Sep 2018 - 4 minute read

Discover 5 useful resources top entrepreneurs use daily to develop their business. Continuous training, inspiration, success stories, good tips ... you'll want more!

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Procrastination is the tendency that I and millions of other human beings have to postpone urgent tasks. You avoid doing a task that needs to be accomplished and prefer doing more pleasurable things instead and thus put off impending tasks to a later time.

Instead of wanting to change at all costs, why don't you try not to transform this lost time into a training time useful for my company?

Being a "chronic procrastinator" does not mean doing nothing. Don't you feel seized with a mad desire to act in these periods of reverie? So why ruin this beautiful energy?

Here are 5 kicking-ass resources that you can use every day to turn your procrastination time into training and motivation time.

1. Quora


Quora is a popular platform that allows users to create, edit and organize questions and answers. On this collaborative website, questions and answers are organized by topic and users can collaborate on various topics.

Probably the most interesting point about Quora, for many topics, answer information is often provided by experts or big names in digital entrepreneurship.

Here are some examples of questions in the online marketplace topic in 2017:

 2. Medium

Medium is a collaborative blogging platform on which you can share your own posts or discover those of independent authors, experts or novices.


medium blogging

You can follow individual writers and publications. The more authors you follow, the more reading suggestions you will have.

Find here a compilation of the best articles about online marketplace businesses

3. Youtube


One of the realities of entrepreneurial life is that you are constantly learning. In fact, this is probably true for most of us, entrepreneurs or not. The amount of information available today on the web is huge, but unfortunately, our time is limited ...

Some YouTube channels offer a good solution for getting a regular dose of useful information in a small format. Subscribing to the right channel can keep you up-to-date in your field and may show you where to look for the next growth opportunity for your business. All this without losing hours of your precious time.

youtube channels

Here are some useful youtube channels you might want to follow:

  1. This Week in Startups
  2. Valuetainment
  3. Marie TV
  4. Ask Jay
  5. Social Triggers
  6. I will teach you to be rich
  7. Google Business

4. Ted Talks

ted talks

You have probably heard of it before. The unmissable Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) conferences are a series of conferences organized internationally by the American foundation The Sapling Foundation. Its purpose is to disseminate "ideas worth spreading". A real source of inspiration and energy.

Rachel Botsman: About Collaborative Economy

Are we programmed to share?

5. Indie Hackers

indie hackers

The baseline of this platform: "Learn from Profitable Businesses and Projects"

"Resourceful" startup developers and creators share business income information (web applications, side projects, businesses) with you, and give in-depth interviews about how they got there. Inspiring.

The example of Designhill - Designers marketplace

Designhill marketplace indie hackers

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