How to Create a Catchy Slogan for Your Business

Article by Kreezalid - 14 May 2020 - 4 minute read

Beginner website owners have much to learn when it comes to managing their business. Having the creativity and spontaneity to create a business name and a logo are one thing, but being able to create a catchy slogan is another. A good slogan is going to help you be more memorable in the eyes of visitors and more.

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The goal of creating any type of slogan is to inspire and create, as well as motivate the public to at least look at what you're out there trying to sell.
However, there are a few primary steps you should consider prior to creating your slogan. And it takes a lot of time, patience, and a fun and creative spirit to do it. So how can you get started? Let's learn how to create a catchy slogan.

Creating Your New Slogan

The first step is to craft a logo. An effective logo design can be the primary blueprint that summarizes what your business plan is about and what you aim to achieve in terms of your selected audience.

A good logo should match what you aim to achieve in terms of your slogan. For example, if you run an online business selling organic essential oils, your aim should be to promote harmony and natural balance, and a quality logo can help you achieve that.
The next step is for you to take your time. This means that the process can take as much as a single calendar day. You will need to really consider what makes your company unique and what are its main goals. Knowing the type of business you represent and its demand is key.

Throughout the process it's a great idea to take aside a colleague or friend, to bounce ideas off of. They might help you with some great ideas, or bring up certain issues you may have missed. Remember to consider how everything would look on other media. Be it slogan, or logo, think if it'll look goof on a mug, or an advertisement banner.

If at first, you don't like the slogan, try again. Sometimes the process may take a few tries. Luckily, sites like have handy tools that can help you generate your slogan. For example, this tool only required you to type in a keyword, or product name, and it will provide tons of AI-generated suggestions. 

Simplify Your Slogan

There are phrases that may have worked 10, 20, or 50 years ago that may have worked for an audience back then.
Slogans that appear too wordy, or corny, or appear uncreative would not work in today's climate. For example, "Making Broom Handles Since 1959" might have worked in an age when consistency was the norm, and people relied more on company longevity.

But today's market climate is fast, constantly changing, and always on the move. People are expected to work and think faster. Therefore, a good, quality slogan must be short, sweet, and to the point. Getting to the gist of your company's mission is key to promoting a successful business. It also should be catchy and upbeat. Nike's "Just Do It," and McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" are awesome examples of what each company represents, especially in terms of general attitude. It's always a great idea to draw inspiration from the all-time classics.

The above slogans not only inspire, but they motivate and encourage. Plus, in today's global village, they are easily transferrable across cultures. They can be readily translated to capture an audience as far east as China, or still, perfectly resonate with Scandinavian countries.

Humor and Confidence

The next logical step in good slogan building is employing light humor or other plays to help it stand out. Humor is a timeless tool that tickles the creative brain and appeals to the emotional senses. It also shows care and compassion if done in a way that demonstrates audience sensitivity. But if this is not a venture that seems to work or it doesn't resonate well with your original mission, you can omit it.

Also, be careful not to overpraise yourself. Don't engage in overconfidence, as it can hurt in terms of blinding you to open and honest feedback. Avoid superlatives such as "The Best in Essential Oils" or "Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction." In the age of Google ratings, you may cause yourself more unprecedented harm than good, as you will always run a risk of low ratings from customers at any time.

In this case, think of what you want to create. Think about the product. Craft your slogan in a distinct way that lets customers know it's great but that invites customer feedback at any time. Or something that allows continuous room for improvement.

Target Your Audience

If you have an audience that is comprised of older adults, a slogan that is more classical and less contemporary could be good. Those who sell at-home medical equipment, such as scooter chairs, for example, need to think in terms of the word "mobility," as it implies independence. And that is what the baby boomer generation is about: independence.

What Makes Your Product Special

Scooter chair companies can create slogans that inspire confidence in disabled or older adults. This is where audience sensitivity kicks in. An example is Permobil's "The Power of Mobility," and Invacare's "Yes, You Can." Both inspire courage, confidence, and personal dignity to audiences where people have felt disenfranchised. Highlighting what specific pain points your product or company addresses, or how they go about doing it might be a great way to find what's special about it.

Use Rhythm and Rhyme

This is good for those who wish to buy airtime from YouTube, TV, and radio and not just online. And if you can't make it rhyme, that's okay. A good rhythm will do in the event you need to craft a handy jingle for your local rock and roll station.
Those who work in the restaurant and food business looking to generate a good, solid customer base need to know how to study market trends and observe the general buying behavior of the general public. Knowing the right perspective of the ruling majority should serve as the main driving force of the business mindset. In short, you need to know what sells.

Some people out on the market will go so far in their pursuit of sustainability as to purchase vegan or plant-based cosmetics. This shows that the general public has reached an age where animal-testing in cosmetics and other fields is known to be a harsh and cruel reality, and those who care would take great pains to avoid it at all possible.
Other related keywords that point to vegan and plant-based alternatives can include impossible burgers, plant-based, and plant-based foods. The key here is to remain keen on your semantics and generate some handy synonyms of your own.

Wrapping Up

While creating a slogan can require quite a bit of effort, we can take advantage of the best practices and additional tools at our disposal. Don't be afraid to be creative, bounce off far-fetched ideas off your colleagues, and stay open to criticism. Remember to always keep in mind what you want to convey, and who you're addressing. Good luck.

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