How Does eCommerce SEO Work And Why Do You Need It?

Article by Lelia Richardson - 06 Aug 2020 - 4 minute read

When doing business online, you need a website that’s also known as an eCommerce site. In it, your visitors and clients can directly check out your items. For you, as a seller, you can also use your e-commerce site to build your audience. By doing so, you can get more buying customers. 

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Before achieving such, you need eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO). SEO means your eCommerce website needs to rank high on search engines. It's better if your eCommerce site shows on the first page of search engine results to get more exposure.

Thus, in addition to exposure, here’s why you need eCommerce SEO:

  1. Reach Potential Paying Customers

One of the reasons why you need eCommerce SEO is to attract potential buying customers. Reaching millions of people isn't enough because what matters is the ones who are looking or interested in what you’re offering. With SEO, you can filter the people whom you're offering your products–the people who are most likely to buy. 

Since eCommerce SEO also targets organic traffic, you can bring in more traffic to your website. This means that you'll get more targeted people through your efforts even without using paid ads. If unsure how to do it, you can find a lot of SEO professionals online so they can personalize your eCommerce SEO based on your needs. According to Austin Cline, founder of Sitemap, an eCommerce SEO agency can help make your traffic into money by analyzing your website's data and performance.

Or you can reach more potential clients if you do the following:

  • Use mobile and local SEO. Since more people use mobile devices to search for almost everything, your business should also appear on mobile searches. For local SEO, if you have a physical office or store, people searching your business will most likely visit yours if you're locally near them.
  • Aside from going mobile, you should also use various social media platforms to grow your audience. It's because more consumers are also using social media platforms to search for their needs. With social media platforms, you can even show how your organization or business works.
  1. Comply With The Standard

Most importantly, eCommerce SEO is already a standard when you talk about digital sales. Not only because clicks and conversions rely on SEO competition, but because one of the most popular search engines worldwide is Google. So, when you're ranking high on Google's search engine results, more people will click on your site as more people trust what appears on the first page of search engine results. 

Without SEO, your site will most likely not be indexed. As a result, you'll rank lower on search engine results. The lower you rank on search engine results, the less likely people will notice you, especially that people rely on the first pages of search engine results. 

You're lucky if the searcher opens the second and following search engine results where your site is. That's why it's already becoming a standard: to be on the first page of search engine results pages.

  1. Create Sales

As mentioned, SEO can create your sales. This is vital for every business because, without sales, you might not survive. What's even more challenging is that creating sales digitally is now the trend. 

One way to stay atop this trend is by using SEO. Getting people to visit your eCommerce site is only one step to getting sales. Thus, you shouldn't stop there. If done right, your eCommerce SEO will convert visitors to buying clients

Since you've used SEO to reach more potential buyers, you should also focus on keeping them engaged or interested in your product or service. You can do this by making your website user-friendly. Take note that having good content will go to waste if visitors can't access your site properly. 

If your site takes time to load, your visitors are most likely to leave your website. That's why on-page SEO is also vital. It'll make your page easier to index, aiding search engines’ algorithms, and help you with your visuals. 

To do so, you can apply the following:

  • Improve relevance and search engine visibility by writing meta descriptions.
  • Use easy-to-read and sensible URLs.
  • Improve indexing and navigation by using internal links to link site content.
  • Optimize headings using relevant descriptions and keywords.
  • Reduce bounce rates by increasing the load speed of your page.
  1. Save On Costs

Another benefit of eCommerce SEO is that it reduces your expenses with marketing. Unlike what other people believe in, eCommerce SEO is cost-effective and an investment. It may not be temporary, like paid ads, but it'll be a permanent investment, especially when you've used money or effort. 

SEO is unlike paid ads that advertise, but eCommerce SEO lets your site rank high on search engine results. If it continues, then you'll be more likely to get more traffic, which will result in more sales.

Although paid ads may get you one or two sales, it stops when you stopped paying. It means that you may need to spend more if you want to get more sales from paid ads. If you've got no sales, then you're more likely to be using your funds more on expenses. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with eCommerce SEO.

Instead of focusing on buying ads, you should focus on effective eCommerce SEO. With organic traffic, you're getting more visitors and potential buyers for free. If you do SEO on your own, it's certainly free since you wouldn't have to pay for SEO professionals to do the work. But, if you've no idea how to do SEO, hiring an SEO professional may help you save time and effort. Although you'll be paying for the service, it's a one-time payment and the results will be permanent.

  1. Achieve Long-Lasting Results

Yes, eCommerce SEO can give you long-term results. As mentioned, SEO can work permanently since you don't need to pay for it. As long as you keep your eCommerce site up-to-date, you can rank high on search engine results for a long time. 

You may need to put in some great time and effort when working on your SEO, but the results work for a long time. If you keep your SEO stronger each time, your eCommerce site can even dominate the market. Thus, you can focus on other things on your business while SEO does its job.


Doing business is easy nowadays because of digital platforms. However, making sales and getting people to notice your product or service is the challenging part. That's why you need eCommerce SEO so that you can reach more potential paying customers. That's one of the many steps to reach your target sales. More site traffic means more exposure. If you have superb on-page SEO, then you'll likely to convert visitors to paying customers.

Also, doing SEO can save you on the costs of advertising your products or services. You may spend some money on creating effective SEO, but you'll achieve long-lasting results. Lastly, SEO has become a standard for online businesses worldwide.

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