Engage with more customers and merchants with a Christmas Advent Calendar

Article by Charlène Guicheron - 04 Dec 2020 - 4 minute read

Holiday season 2020 is here! Find out how to retain more customers with simple Christmas strategies. Take a look!

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Barely enough time to say phew that it's already almost Christmas! As you've probably seen by now, year-end business operations start earlier and earlier. So don't wait until the last minute to prepare nice surprises for your customers. How about going back to basics this year?

Given the particularly gloomy context in which the covid-19 pandemic has plunged the world, the holidays will probably not have the same flavor as usual.

In such cases, it is often best to go back to simple recipes. This year, I invite you to return to a well-known tradition to mobilize both your customers and your resellers: the Advent Calendar.

Advent calendars are on the rise in 2020. More than ever your customers will need warmth and comfort. Here are some useful tips for creating your advent calendar together with your best sellers.

A 2020 advent calendar to showcase your power sellers

Every year, on December 1st, what a pleasure for young and old to open the first box of their Advent Calendar. Whether it is a gourmet calendar, a wellness calendar, or a virtual Advent Calendar .... There are many ideas and surprises that could please your customers during the 24 Days of Advent.

The creation of one or more advent calendars will be an opportunity for you to highlight and mobilize your vendors or partner brands.

There are many advantages to that.

Promote new brands

In addition to giving your customers a nice surprise every day, you will allow your merchants to make their products better known.

Sell ​​unsold items and limit your partners' losses

This can also be an opportunity for your vendors to sell unsold items.

An amazing way to keep in touch with your vendor community 

In addition to allowing your merchants to increase their sales, this is also an opportunity to reconnect with them for the preparation of this collaborative offer. Product bundles, new products, or even unsold items, your calendar can be very simple and yet allow you to stand out.

The key to success: collaboration! Involve your top-performing sellers in creating an original offering. From product selection to the form of the calendar (physical or digital), consult your partner brands to create a coherent offer that is sure to delight your customers.

Simply bring some joy to your customer community

Creating a real or virtual advent calendar with 24 spectacular prizes will be the daily touch of joy your customers need. Especially this year. So let's put a smile on their face.

How to create your Advent Calendar?

First thing first, keep it simple!

I warmly recommend opting for a virtual Advent calendar to avoid a complex creation process (creating the boxes, shipping the elements, etc.). 

Every day, your digital Advent Calendar can reveal a new piece of media to your community.

With this type of calendar, you can be extra creative! The ideas and topics are various: fashion items, food, professional tips, free tutorials, videos, daily digital freebies, exclusive daily private sales, etc.

My favorite choice would be coupons: each day, release a coupon offered by a selected merchant listed on your online marketplace.

Here are some tools to create a beautiful virtual advent calendar


To send the surprise every day, make a simple daily email to your users. Include in this email the promotional code offered or the link to the offer of your partners.


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