Dej'Tour by GrDF

A service marketplace to foster team cohesion

The project

GrDF, a major player in natural gas distribution in France, trusted Kreezalid to create the Dej'Tour project.

The Dej'Tour GrDF is today a Meetup-style marketplace which has allowed GrDF to promote a real cohesion within its teams.

grdf marketplace de service

Create team cohesion with a marketplace

It is to gain efficiency in its internal organization, federate its teams and refocus the company on the topics that matter to these employees that GrDF has decided to create a platform to highlight internal events.

Know all the key events of the company

With the Dej'Tour marketplace, GrDF employees can view a calendar of events and register online throughout the year.
The idea: to create a team cohesion and to encourage team building during lunches. Planning and registrations are managed online through Kreezalid for less time lost and more motivation among the teams.

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