Effective Ways to Optimize Customer Experience with the Help of Salesforce

Article by Kreezalid - 14 Jul 2021 - 4 minute read

Customer experience has increased steadily over the past years. More and more businesses and companies are trying their luck to become chosen by their target market.

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 It can become really hard for them because of the following:

  • High customer expectations
  • Intense competition
  • Rapid customer interaction

The journey of different customers will always be unique. Different interactions may take place over time. The more positive ones they will have with your company, the more they would recommend you to their family members and friends. The most obvious option now is to hire Salesforce developer that will have the expertise to customize and improve customer experience.

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Challenges of Customer Experience

Many companies are struggling with the best way to implement CX within the organization. More than 60% of people would like to have a better customer experience right now. This can be a challenge for a lot of businesses, especially those who are still starting out.

  • First Challenge: Accessibility of Data

A lot of companies struggle with making sure that everyone in the company is on the same page. This explains why people would need to have meetings. They want to make sure that everyone understands what needs to be done. This is not always easy. When customers realize that there are differences when it comes to data, they might tag this as a negative customer experience. Companies, especially those who are starting out, cannot afford negative reviews.

  • Second Challenge: Data is already outdated.

It was mentioned earlier that data should always be improved. 70% of customers would like to get all the data they need when visiting a company’s website. This means that you have to update your data constantly. If people do not see the data they are searching for, they will not check your other social pages anymore.d

  • Third Challenge: The tools that you are using are already outdated.

It is not only data that can become outdated. Tools can become outdated too. You can connect with Salesforce developers who will help you in finding the right tools. The new and improved tools will make sure that you can use everything properly. You can go outside your comfort zone with the help of the right developers.

Customer Experience Will Set You Apart from Other Businesses

Making sure that customers will have a positive customer experience will make them more loyal to your company. This means that they will purchase from you whenever they need something that you can offer instead of checking out other companies. This can increase the revenue of your company.

Your mindset should always be that the power is now in the hands of customers. Customers can decide if they would like to purchase your products or not—the more people who buy from you, the more your business will thrive. If people do not want to purchase from you, your business will close down because you are not getting the ROI. You can look for freelance Salesforce developers to help you out.

How to Create a Customized Customer Experience with Salesforce?

Remember that your customers will always want to feel connected with the brand they are dealing with. They want to feel that you can offer things that will make life more convenient for them. Just be sure that you are aware of the cost for Salesforce developers. This way, you can plan how you are going to search for the right team of developers.

  • Expect to offer faster response times. Salesforce will allow your company to gain access to the clients immediately. This means that their inquiries will be answered immediately. This will help you find the right solution to your issues.
  • Access to client information. Equal access will be needed for the data of certain customers. Some customers would only be speaking to one member of the company. This member can share the data with the rest of the clients.
  • Make your website accessible everywhere. Let us say that you will have a meeting outside the company. As long as you have an internet connection, you will give the data needed by potential clients.

How Much is the Cost of Hiring Salesforce Developers?

Different remote staff can be hired from different parts of the world. A remote Salesforce developer from Ukraine will usually be paid about $8 per hour. This will roughly be $1685 every month. This will be far cheaper as compared to hiring someone from the US. The country from where you are going to hire the Salesforce developer will make a lot of difference.

There are different responsibilities that the Salesforce developer should do. The most important ones are the following:

  • Meet up with different managers to know the different CRM needs.
  • Implement the different Salesforce applications.
  • Create the right timeline and reach the goals set by the company.
  • Test the application.
  • Make sure that the application is stable.

The skills and knowledge of the Salesforce developer you will hire will also affect the Salesforce developer's salary. Consider this so that you can be sure of what you will get.

Source: Mobilunity

Your main goal is to focus on your customers so that you can make them happy. The more satisfied they are with what you are offering them, the more that they will continue having a positive relationship with your company. Through Salesforce and the right developers, you can check out every touchpoint and ensure that they will provide the satisfaction customers would like.


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