5 Ways To Use T-Shirts For New Customer Acquisition

Article by Kreezalid - 16 Mar 2022 - 4 minute read

One of the biggest goals of flourishing companies is to attract new customers. Any viable marketing efforts to help increase sales, draw more activity online, especially on social media platforms to acquire more reviews and recommendations are being practiced and tested.

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That said, marketing professionals develop and try different customer acquisition strategies to enhance their marketing approach and widen their audience reach. There are various ways to elevate brand awareness and visibility, such as the use of T-shirts. Many companies have been using this item as a scalable and reliable marketing tool, and ever since the astounding results never changed.  

If you're curious how T-shirts can make such an impact in a business, here are some ways to maximize this marketing spend to gain more customers and higher lead conversions:


  • Use Fashion To Grab Attention


Do you ever notice how powerful clothing is when it comes to demanding attention? For example, someone who dresses stylishly well can be called a ‘head turner’ because people can’t help to turn their heads to show their admiration.

This is the marketing power that businesses can obtain from using T-shirts with great designs as a marketing tactic. The benefits it can contribute to your brand are endless, every time a person wears your shirt, your brand visibility commences because it’s the first thing a person notices and compliments, thus creating lasting awareness.

Because of this, more people might want to grab a shirt for themselves, too. This can get even more people's attention and spread your company brand exponentially.


  • Treat It Like A Walking Billboard


Another way to make T-shirts into a practical marketing tool is to treat them like walking billboards. Advertising experts look for several things in a well-designed billboard, such as the following: 

  • Short and sweet
  • Legible
  • Catchy website address or phone number
  • Original and unique
  • Interactive

Billboards were made to create an impact in seconds because the drivers and passers-by can only allot this small span of time to glimpse your advertisement. For that reason, billboards were made to catch people’s attention and interest instantaneously through these catchy, interactive, and unique advertising creativity. 

That said, this concept can also apply to t-shirt advertising because people don't take the time to stare at another person's shirt, but people can naturally glance at it out of fashionable instinct. With this in mind, using the same design model as billboards, utilizing a t-shirt to advertise your brand is a cost-efficient and practical marketing effort to generate more customer leads.


  • Design It To Be Informative But Also Aesthetic


It's understandable why businesses want to make their advertisements as informative as possible because they want people to be informed about their services, brand, contact information, and more. However, a large percentage of people won't find this interesting to read, especially not on a shirt.

To effectively use a t-shirt as an advertising tool, it’s essential to make it aesthetically appealing and stylish. Keep in mind that to maximize your marketing goals in using this medium, you have to incorporate it well in a manner that catches your prospect’s attention and piques their interests. Gone are the days that advertising should be full of text regarding your company, in this day and age, you should prioritize colour, logo, styling, and trendy ideas.

Take advantage of the fact that people nowadays love fashion and are bold enough to take pictures of their outfits of the day (OOTD) and post them on their personal social media accounts. This is the kind of passive advertising that every brand should aim for to effortlessly increase customer acquisition.


  • Use A Clever Or Humorous Design


Think about how viral funny videos and memes evolved on the internet. Many marketing and advertising experts make the most of this trend, with the influencing power of social media, it has become an integral part of a brand’s internet presence.

So, it makes a lot of sense to use humour and wit to catch attention and help people relate to your brand through positivity and entertainment. With a team of clever copywriters and genius creative designers, crafting a fashionable and lead-converting t-shirt would be easy.
Optimize this advertising tool to further increase brand awareness and expand your customer reach.


  • Think About How To Make People Curious


Even without text or images, did you know that clothes can make people curious and ask? A great example is the strawberry dress that went viral on social media. People loved the design that’s why it went on top of the trending list, and the surprising part is it didn’t even advertise its brand name, contact number, or any other company information.

As you can see, you can also take advantage of people’s curiosity, you just need to put your brand in the open, create relevant advertising ideas, such as a witty statement shirt or a trendy interactive design that can make people’s inquisitiveness run free.

Never stop your efforts, bear in mind that there’s nothing much sweeter than a victory packed with hard work and patience.


You could make a statement, turn heads, and even go viral when it comes to clothing. So, it only makes sense for companies to use this to advertise their brand. Moreover, it's also practical since people can wear it while also acting as an advertising vessel to get their company to get more customers. 

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