Top 3 Best Practices When Using Facebook Ads

Article by Kreezalid - 06 May 2022 - 4 minute read

In this digital age where consumers tend to be online most of the time, social media has indeed become an effective marketing tool. And among the social media platforms businesses can utilize is Facebook.

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To give you some statistics, a report from Hootsuite suggests that Facebook advertising has a potential reach of 2.11 billion users worldwide. With such good numbers, others may be thinking of using Facebook advertisements right away to connect with those users and boost their business’s success.

However, if you’re one of those who already advertise on Facebook but perhaps, your Facebook ads are not working, and you’re having a hard time getting results, knowing and adopting the best practices to use Facebook ads can help.

Overall, continue reading this article to know how to advertise effectively on Facebook.

1. Define Your Target Audience

In terms of Facebook advertising, it’s vital to have enough knowledge of your target customers to develop a highly targeted Facebook ad audience. In this case, you must have the right audience so that your campaign will sync effectively with their interests and preferences. For example, if your business is all about online mortgages, you’d want to know who your target market is to personalize your ads and ensure it resonates well with them. Or perhaps, if your business is offering dietary supplements, you’d want to promote and focus your campaigns on health and fitness enthusiasts. 

While expanding your marketing reach is also ideal for promoting brand awareness, in some cases, having the right audience can also bring more significant results. This is especially true if your main objective is effective engagement and a successful conversion rate. 

2. Use Unique And Eye-Catching Visuals

It’d be worth noting that your Facebook ads will generally compete with the status updates, videos, and photos of your chosen audience’s family and friends. Other brands and companies will also post their own ads, and so in this type of scenario, creating a unique and eye-catching visual is a must.

To begin with, this strategy, try to steer clear of using images of your product or service alone. While being direct with what your business offerings are isn’t exactly the wrong method to use, the chances of engaging your target audience better are likely to increase if your ads also show the emotional benefits they can receive. For instance, say you have a baking business; while posting an image of one of your cakes could work, it can be more alluring and be more relatable if you post a family sharing and eating the cake together. 

In addition, it can be more ideal if there is less text in the image that you use as well. However, if you need to add texts to convey your message better, consider trimming down the number of words in the image or instead utilize keywords. You can also reduce the font size of the texts. That way, it doesn’t take much attention from the visuals.

Lastly, make your visuals as original and unique as possible. This way, your ad can be more personalized. For example, you can either use your company’s color theme or opt to have a minimalist ad with a white background. When making visuals, you don’t need complex skills to come up with unique and compelling designs. After all, one of the keys to effectively doing this is to keep it simple and ensure it resonates with your target audience. 

Overall, having the right visuals that are unique and engaging is vital to attracting attention and getting the trust of your target audience. The reason is that it can appeal to them on a personal level.

3. Use Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing could also be one of the advertising Facebook ad practices you can explore. It could be an effective strategy because many consumers generally use social media platforms to get advice and recommendations before they buy a product.

In addition to that, when you collaborate with an influencer or a notable personality who has a lot of followers to promote your product, the chances of attracting more consumers to try your products could also increase. Therefore, there can be a potential increase in your return on investment (ROI) and profits.

Final Thoughts

Social media can be an effective marketing tool in providing enough online visibility for your brand. After all, there are potentially billions of users that can be reached by advertising on such a platform.

However, digital marketing can be competitive sometimes. It can be challenging but not impossible. And with the right tools and strategy, your business can thrive even in the digital space. This article has outlined some of the best Facebook ad practices. And with these tips in mind, you could be in a better position to drive your business to success. 

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