Is Social Media Marketing Really The Future?

Article by Kreezalid - 26 May 2021 - 4 minute read

When social media first came into existence, its main purpose was to improve connectivity. The functions were really simple. It lets people upload photos, comment on other people's home page, and send messages to each other. It was the new and improved version of emails and chatting, where you can now start talking in real-time and reconnect with old buddies.

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Fast forward to today, the functionalities of the platform have improved greatly. While many people still use it primarily for connecting with friends, families, and strangers across the globe, businesses have found ways to profit from this new market. Then there’s the rise of the new career path: social media marketer.

Social media marketers have innovated the world of marketing. They have also formed their own part and parcel of their marketing strategies with many tools that help them achieve success along this line. Think, Slickplan’s free content tool, for starters.

You’re first greeted with a question in the headline that brought you here. With the widespread use of social media today and its enormous evolution and growth for the past few years, is social media marketing really the future of businesses? 

To lay down the straightforward answer for you this early on, yes, it is. Social media marketing, as one of the most important media of digital marketing, is the present and will still be the future of businesses.

Here’s why:

  1. It Has A Wide Population Of Influencers

One of the key contributors to the rise in popularity of social media for marketing purposes has a lot to do with the wide population of influencers on social media. Businesses are making use of these influencers more than celebrities, especially the smaller brands who are pinching pennies.

On the internet, these influencers are the new celebrities. They're famous because they’ve got a strong following. For many businesses, getting them as ambassadors and advertisers is more cost-effective than paying celebrities simply because they’re more relatable. Their followers take their word for what they have to say. 

Therefore, when it comes to marketing, brands no longer have to make that effort to reach the audience themselves. These influencers have already done that.

  1. It Creates A Strong Brand Recognition

With the strong competition that businesses today face, it’s no surprise that they have to compete for market share. Among all other marketing techniques, however, one of the most effective in creating strong brand recognition is social media.

For as long as social media stays popular among many users, it’ll always be an effective marketing strategy for many businesses as well.

Brand recognition is very strong when you have a good social media presence because of the population of users. If businesses don’t penetrate popular social media platforms, then they’re essentially missing out on so much.

Among all other goals of businesses, brand recognition should be the top priority because of the following reasons:

  • It creates a strong drive for repeat purchases
  • It results in increased sales
  • It enables brands to scale in new places
  1. It Enables The Use Of Chatbots And AI

Customer service is one facet of running a business that also needs to be focused on. For as long as your brand continues to have good customer service, you can be sure that customers will continue patronizing your brand. 

While there are many ways to improve customer service, one of the most effective is through the chatbots that are available on social media sites. For instance, some social media platforms can offer chatbot options that use automation. When you install it, whenever customers have a concern, these chatbots can start solving the problem before getting hold of a human customer service representative. If the concerns are minor, typically, your customers will have favorable solutions through the chatbot itself.  

This is a big advantage as customers are more inclined to trusting brands when the customer service is good. With AI and chatbots becoming more in-demand, businesses will continue utilizing social media to be able to use these chatbots to their advantage.

  1. It Sparks Conversation Around Your Brand

In today’s digital age, there’s nothing else that sparks conversation other than social media. Imagine all of the trends that became famous, simply because everyone on social media was talking about it. That's because it’s that easy to create buzz around the world wide web.

Particularly if your market is the younger generation, you can be certain that these groups are saturated on social media. For as long as they find social media entertaining to them, it’ll also be effective for businesses to create buzz.

Especially for up-and-coming businesses, you can put yourself head-on level with more well-known competitors when you make yourself that well-known. Don't miss out on the wide reach that you have simply because you chose to put yourself out there across all social media sites.

Now, do you understand why and how social media marketing will continue to dominate the future? While these might sound overwhelming for you, it’s actually not. You just have to start today by joining the bandwagon of thousands of other businesses who have also made use of the power of social media to their advantage. As its population continues to increase, so also will its demand. So, it’s safe to say that social media is here to stay from today, moving forward.

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