The Pros And Cons Of Generative AI For Your Business

Article by Kreezalid - 27 Feb 2023 - 4 minute read

Advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) have become a popular integration for most modern businesses. Some sectors utilizing AI include supply chain, image, and content generation. Proper integration of AI may revolutionize your business production line. But AI incorporation isn't a widely accepted concept despite its potential to improve your workflow.

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Over the years, businesses have been looking for AI tools and systems to help with content creation. Enter generative AI. This advanced system has become a popular necessity for most businesses. 

The following blog outlines what you need to know about generative AI. You'll learn what generative AI is, its benefits, downsides, and more. Keep reading. 

What Is Generative AI? 

Gone are the days when it was a must for content to be generated manually. Generative AI is a technological advancement that utilizes machine learning models and algorithms to create new data, such as texts, audio, and images.  

To create AI-generated content, the user will enter the text format needed, keywords, and a topic. The system then searches available resources to develop content that meets the set standards and policies.  

You can also integrate rewriting tools into your generative system to help reformat existing content to meet other communications mediums' guidelines. For instance, rewriting a blog article into a social media post to reach potential customers using these platforms. 

Generative AI has several applications in today's businesses, including marketing. Your ability to reach out to potential conversions ultimately affects the customer base. Using generative AI in marketing makes creating personalized content easier, improving interactions with potential customers.  

For instance, generative AI can utilize high-ranking keywords when writing a blog, improving your overall visibility. Additionally, it may produce quality content that meets the customer's needs and expectations, improving the effectiveness of your marketing effort.  

What Are The Benefits Of Generative AI? 

Generative AI may benefit your business in the following ways: 


  • Cost Optimization 


When starting a business, it's your goal to deliver quality services while maintaining a lower production cost. For many years, managers have been utilizing manual strategies to develop and create content for their businesses. However, these strategies increase the risk of making an error that could eventually make a firm lose money. 

However, generative AI, on the other hand, utilizes state-of-the-art solutions such as machine learning and automation to generate new content, boosting search engine optimization (SEO). These solutions reduce the risk of an error, which could affect the quality of the generated content. Besides, it reduces the workforce needed in the content generation department, saving you some money. Use the saved resources and money to boost the effectiveness of your core business activities, such as management, improving your overall productivity.  


  • Improved Decision Making  


The rate of your decision-making processes may affect the effectiveness of your overall productivity. Making faster and well-informed decisions makes it easier to take advantage of market movements and other dynamic factors. However, you'll need enough information to improve your insights to make a faster decision. When using a manual workforce to generate necessary content, it can take hours, if not days, to develop helpful information. 

Generative AI, however, takes lesser time to create high-quality content you can use to make intelligent decisions. For instance, the system will generate helpful content, such as shopping habits, if you want to explore new market grounds within minutes. Use the content to have a deeper understanding of your potential market, thus, making it easier for you to identify effective marketing strategies.  

What Are The Cons Of Generative AI? 

Despite its benefits, you can still encounter challenges when using generative AI. Common disadvantages of generative AI include the following:  


  • Ethical And Legal Issues 


Businesses must also consider the ethical implications of using generative AI. As the technology continues to evolve, it may raise questions about the responsibility and accountability of businesses that use it. For example, if a generative AI algorithm generates offensive or harmful content, who is responsible for the consequences?  

Legal issues are another challenge you might encounter when using generative AI. It's easier to use the generated content for unlawful activities. Businesses must ensure that they have the necessary rights to the data and materials used in the algorithm. This includes obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials and ensuring that the generated content does not infringe on existing patents or trademarks.

Violations or negligence may expose you or the business to fines and penalties, affecting your profit margin and reputation. However, it's necessary to ensure you comply with the rigid guidelines and policies, saving you from non-compliance issues. 


  • Limited Creativity 


Creating content manually makes it easy to connect emotionally with the audience, thus, generating creative and captivating content and increasing engagement and connection. However, a machine doesn't have the emotional intelligence and sense of human behavior to develop effective and engaging content but instead adds facts to the outline.  

You can encourage your workforce to collaborate with your AI system. Results: you'll have quality, creative, unique, and emotionally connecting content to share with your target audience.  


Bottom Line

Advancement such as generative AI has hugely influenced the content creation sectors. Businesses are now utilizing the solution to generate quality content that meets the customers' needs. However, it's crucial to consider factors such as legal issues before using generative AI. 

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